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Vintage Vineyard Collection  by ofra cosmetics 

Hi everyone


 I recently receive the new lipsticks collection by ofra , TheVintage Vineyard Collection

This is  the winter collection by ofra ,

the collection consists four shades and all the shades are named after famous wine capitals around the world ,



I receive 3 of them ...


But after seeing the last shade   I could not let him alone it was my job to complete the family, every family has to be complete I could not let a member of the family alone , what?  not you agree with me?  so I was have to buy  the last shade ...

here is all the family ,




lets begin...


Tuscany -  he is a brown  nude with  warm tone  , its a great everyday shade , this is the perfect shade for all the nude lover , even if I prefer dark lipstick I realy like this shade,  and I like to mix him with Brooklyn also by ofra...



 cape town - this is my favorite shade its a purple pinky shade , he can  compliments a variety of skin tones ...



 the next shade is gorgeous ...............



Bordeaux-its a   deep plum with purple and a little blue tones its an amazing shade but the problem is that on me he is lookink too much dark he is looking realy close to black and its not  looking good on me , too bad that I need to mix him with bright shade  , but still a gorgeous shade....


and the star of this collection is .................


Napa valley -  its a metallic purple  shade and  omg he is so  amazing when I tried him for the first time I was like  God you are so pretty , welcome to the family  ...



 From right to left Tuscany , cape town , bordeaux

 From right to left napa valley , Tuscany

its realy a very impressive and amazing  collection , like all the  products of ofra that I  tried until now...

want to buy the lipstick -click here-


I hope you like the post see you at the next one ,

xoxo ♥♥♥




younique product reviews...


Hi everyone ☺


so today I will  talk about the brand younique , what? you never heard about  younique  where  do you live? lol

for those who do not know this brand  is  a cosmetics brand  that uses the direct sales (Internet and advisor). This brand has been much known thanks to their 3D mascara. A mascara who  has taken social media by storm  in U.S.A. and also everywhere in France.


The ingredients are of natural origin. The cosmetics are not tested on animals


Younique's founders say their mission is

" to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.  "

well it seem like their products are really good  but as good as they claim?

if you want to know what I'm thinking about their product well it  is simple, stay until the end of the post!


last April I went to France and I had the chance to test some products Younique Brand sent me but I have chosen myself.

so I chose a palette, a lipstick-because it was not possible for me to not choose one . I plead guilty I am a lipsticks addict !

And of course I chose the 3d mascara, I will not start with the mascara I keep the best for last ....


I'll start with the palette moodstruck.







Younique offers a choice of 3 different palettes . I chose the pallet number 3. her cool tones really inspired me. I have enough pallets with brown tones  I love that beautiful purple in this palette .


I made two look with the palette: the first look is more a day look and the other is  look much deeper and more for the evening for those who love purple.






For the first  look I used the shadows tickled, deterned, smitten, and  ecstatic


and for the second look I used flippant and cheeky and for  the inner corner I used smitten








 the Palette contains 7 eyeshadow . Only 3  are matte. when you open the palette the  composition of the shadows  are very similar to urban decay naked  palettes,

I loved this palette the shadows are just beautiful there are creamy,  pigmented especially the  metallic  and the glitter one the mats are a little less, the shadows are gluten-free, paraben-free, latex free, PABA-free and BPA free.

  they hold all the day but for me all the shadows of all brands can hold all the day  if  I put an eye base.

this palette is really beautiful I love those amazing  tones  of purple and pink ,


the packaging:


 I like  it ,the  Pakaging  is black and   chic. I think the packaging  is high quality  and practical,he is , small,  and magnetized so  the palette  will not open in your bag or in your suitcase. this pallet costs 

49$ and you can order  on  their -site-


now the lipstick








always the same packaging. I really like it. They are black and chic as the MAC lipsticks but when you  open it  the lipstick has this nice detail that I personally find very pretty.


I chose the color



 I have nothing bad  to say about their lipstick. They are moisturizing and creamy. They slide easily during application and gives a uniform result without effort. They are gluten-free, , paraben free, and without fragrance and latex .


Also from what I read on their website, they have  in the ingredients shea butter and mango seed butter so they are moisturizers.


what more can I expect from a lipstick  ?


it reminds me a lot of MAC lipsticks finish amplified and cremesheen.



Unfortunately, the color did not come out exactly as it is in the picture. It 'came out very pink, and the color is pink but slightly purple.




he looks better in this picture !


the second swatche you see this is a pencil  I found very similar to loaded ,  he is from  Essence"a girls dream" number 06. Essence pencils are really top !! and especially cheap...


there are 15 colors and each lipstick costs 19$ on the site Younique.


Now to the final product

the 3D mascara

 Well before I know the Younique brand I 'd heard of a tip with cotton to make our lashes  longer and with more volume.


Actually the trick is to take a disposable mascara brush or a brush for eyelashes and put some cotton on the brush and put on the lashes mascara and after spending some with cotton and after put again mascara . For me this is actually the idea of this  ​​mascara.




Here are the "instruction manual" that arrives with the mascara they explained

what to do  step by step.




 the first step is the transplanting gel.





here is my lashes before and after the transplanting gel



the second step are the fibers they are 100% natural 



here is my lashes after the second step ,I know it's a little strange  but the result is still not bad



the 3 step is to put again transplanting gel


and that is the final result



the result is realy good!! and pretty !

There are still some little  negatives points.

 like the  Price,the  mascara costs 29$ . which is more expensive than mascaras from benefit too faced, urban decay  ...

 the second negative point is that They are a little fall out from the fiber  in the under eye during the  application but you can put a little piece of tissue or with a small brush will clean it all .

I noticed that the volume dissipates a little after 5, 6 hours and that there is still a little fibers that fall just below the eye during the day not anything too disturbing but I prefer to  tell you because the price of mascara is quite high.  but it is  different on everyone .

Now the positives.

the mascara is doing a realy  beautiful and longer lashes so for those who have short lashes Go ahead.

However if you have long eyelashes I advise you not to put too much because I think it will look to much longer and realy creepy.

and OMG The thing that i like so much  , , is that the mascara removed easily and quickly. It s' removed even in the shower rubbed a little bit my eyes and eyelashesrealy  gently you probably do not want to tear of  you'r eyelashes, this is realy good if you are lazy like me ☺

you can use the same fiber with another mascara me personally I do from time to time because I'm not a fan of the brush from the gel is too big for my taste.

If you have the opportunity to test it before you   buy it I advise you to try it before because the result  is different on everyone . 


 The post's  is over  I hope that you enjoyed it ... this is the first time I translate a post in English I will surely do that more  .  If you want to receive an email when I post an new post in  my blog you just have to sign up with  the Google gadget  there are pictures of other subscribers to the blog.

see you at the next post






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